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Intelligent materials II

Intelligent materials II


Intelligent windows

At the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have created a polymer photovoltaic (PSC) that generates electricity by absorbing infra-red light and allowing the rest of the visible spectrum, from this they develop a new solar cell that is activated by the infrared spectrum, being transparent by 70 per cent, which makes it the perfect candidate to be installed as windows that integrates a solar pannel.


Suntuitive™ Technology interlayer respond to the intensity of the sunlight. The window naturally reduces the amount of visible light transmission it lets in as the sun intensity increases. Suntuitive interlayer is made with polyvinyl butyral (PVB). It is the first functional, adaptive glazing, interlayer for use in an IGU (insulated glass unit).


The RavenWindow thermochromic filter is applied to the inside surface of the exterior pane of glass of a double pane window. An air chamber separates the RavenWindow filter from the standard low-E coating and the interior glass pane.

When the temperature of the exterior glass rises above the transition temperature, the filter activates, transitioning the window to a tinted state in a matter of minutes. RavenWindow blocks solar heat of the building from external, reducing the need for air conditioning and minimizing glare, while retaining the outside view.


Ornilux is a glass designed by German company Arnold Glas in collaboration with Max Planch Ornithology Institute, to solve the bird’s impact on windows. Birds cannot see the window glasses and this circumstance produces numerous deaths of animals all over the world.

Window glasses have a UV reflective treatment that takes into account the ability of the birds to perceive certain frequencies of the ultraviolet range to reduce impacts. Include a printed irregular plot which reflects that frequencies perceived by birds, while for the eye human remain virtually invisible.


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